Skinny Iced Coffee

Skinny Iced Coffee

skinny iced coffee

This Skinny Iced Coffee is the perfect morning pick me up!

Without the added calories :)

I love Paleo. But I must admit… I’m a bonified coffee addict.

As in – there’s no way this girl is starting the day without her coffee!

So instead of opting for the sugar-laden, cream-filled Starbucks Machiatto,
I’ve been whipping up Paleo Iced Coffee treats in my kitchen.

After a bit of testing, I’ve come up with a simple, delicious, 100% Paleo
Iced Coffee.

And it’s only about 40 calories! Win-win. I get my coffee fix.
A sweet, creamy treat. And all clean ingredients.

Plus… it’s a lot cheaper :)

Here’s the Skinny…

Skinny Iced Coffee
Serves 1
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  1. Cold Brew Coffee (Chameleon Cold Brew is my personal favorite.)
  2. Almond Milk (You can also use coconut milk if you prefer.)
  3. Ice
  1. Fill your glass with about 1 cup of cold brew coffee.
  2. Pour in half a cup of almond milk.
  3. Top with a few ice cubes.
  4. Enjoy :)
  1. I use Chameleon cold brew concentrated coffee. Which is a lot stronger than your traditional coffee.
  2. So I use 1/2 cup of coffee and 1 cup of almond milk. Topped with a few ice cubes. Just 3 Ingredients and delish!
  3. If you want to turn this into more of a "Starbucks" style drink, you can add about 1 cup of ice, 1 to 2 tablespoons of coconut caramel and mix everything in a blender for a delicious iced treat.
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