Top 25 Quick-And-Easy Paleo Snacks

Paleo Snacks

We’ve all been there…

It’s the middle of the day.

Right around 3pm.

And your stomach starts to growl. It’s been a long day. You had an early lunch.

And you clock out in a few hours.

But the hunger pangs are kicking in. And there are no good options.

In desperation, you grab a 50 cent packaged rice krispie treat from the vending machine.

Hoping that’s a little less damaging than the other toxic goodies.

But after a short sugar rush, you hit a downward spiral and you’re back in desperation mode.

Ever been there?

I know I have.

But nowadays… a bit of pre-planning keeps me fueled with good, healthy food all day long.

And tasty to boot!

So whenever hunger strikes, here are my personal Top 25 favorite Paleo Snacks…